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New Claim Reporting

You MUST report any incident, irrespective of your intention to make a claim immediately, or within maximum period of 24 hours following discovery to our claims agent, Gallagher Bassett.

You MUST NOT report this incident to any other party or utilise another supplier’s services. (this includes vehicle repair, replacement vehicle/hire car, uninsured loss recovery, solicitors and windscreen repair/replacement)

If you are able to comply with these requirements your policy excess will reduce by £150 (excl. Windscreen).

CLAIMS LINE – 0800 997 8834 – Call this number after an incident.


Ensure that you obtain the following information at the scene of any accident:

  1. Name, address, vehicle registration and contact numbers for all people that are involved with the accident.
  2. Name, address and contact numbers for all witnesses.
  3. Photographs of the damage sustained by any vehicles involved in the accident, along with the positions of the vehicle and the road and any relevant road marking (if it is safe to do so).

If you need any more information on this procedure, refer to the policy booklet.